Black Business Month Spotlight: Tywanda Dupont

SOUTH FLORIDA – South Florida Caribbean News is continues our spotlight of Black-Owned businesses in partnership with Harris Public Relations. We caught up with Tywanda Dupont, owner of the Miami-based catering company Ty’s Hometown Café & Bistro Food Truck. She will be taking her culinary talents to the Black Pepper Food & Wine Festival, on Saturday, August 26,2023 from 3pm-8pm in Historic Overtown.

Tywanda’s mission is to provide quality, authentic, and flavorful food to her community conveniently and affordably to enhance the quality of her customers’ lives and to bring joy and comfort to her customers, one blissful bite at a time.

She grew up in Miami in the Overtown neighborhood and graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School. She holds an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Tywanda worked for Jackson Hospital for many years as an Administrator and at Everglades Correctional Facility as a Mental Health Coordinator.

Tywanda Dupont
Tywanda Dupont

Self-Taught Chef

In addition to working full-time and raising three children, Tywanda started as a self-taught chef who built a successful catering company and became widely known for her “romantic dinners for two.” During this time, she had the pleasure of providing baked treats for charitable entities such as The Ronald McDonald House. In 2013, she was granted the opportunity to bake the birthday cake for the late Angela “Big Ange” Raiola. That opportunity opened doors for her to provide baked goods for several local South Florida restaurants. With a sense of accomplishment, she decided she was ready to elevate her business.

Her passion for food is contained within every inch of her plates, which marry flavors from her Caribbean and Southern roots. She still resides in Overtown and has a deep love for her community.

Food Truck Enterprise Program

Tywanda completed the Food Truck Enterprise Program at Miami Dade College in the fall of 2021 and was chosen as one of the three finalists. She is enrolled in the Culinary Apprentice College Credit Certificate program at Miami Dade College through the The Circle of Brotherhood and NANA.

Her food truck offers a decadent brunch menu featuring her signature strawberry mascarpone French toast, empanadas, and more!

Since winning, she has partnered with B2B Partnership working throughout the community. Her talents have been showcased at the Orange Blossom Classic, Black Pepper Event, Juneteenth In Miami Gardens, South Florida Food Festival, and the Washington Park Heritage Day Community Celebration, all while giving back to the people experiencing homelessness and her local church, Oasis Love.

With the grand opening of Ty’s Hometown Bistro and Cafe at Brightline Miami Station, she looks forward to continuing her culinary journey by providing quality, authentic, and flavorful food to Brightline riders and her community.

One on One with Tywanda Dupont

Q: Why did you choose the food truck route instead of the physical restaurant location?

A: It offers the ability to reach different clientele in different neighborhoods. Plus, it allows me to be on the ground meeting the people I serve.

Q: What does your day-to-day look like as a food truck owner and operator?

A: I start by checking my propane levels. In addition, going to the market to shop for the food for that day. Once I’m back on the truck, I start prepping, which normally takes me into the time I open for service at Brightline Miami. Before I open to service our customers, I have a talk with my team, to set the tone to  ensure that my customers are satisfied with their purchases. When it’s time to close for the day, I break my truck down, clean and put away used supplies. I then take inventory of what is required for the next business day, as my specials change daily.

Q: You have three kids, a running business, and I am sure lots more on your plate. What are your top tips for productivity as a busy mom?

A: Having a senior in high school, one in college, and one battling mental health. I have to schedule my days accordingly. I try my best to adhere to what is on my calendar or to-do list, but it can be challenging. As a result, I sometimes have to adjust to the situation at hand and make sacrifices as needed.

Q: What is your go-to self-care routine after a long day?

A: Prayer, meditation, journaling, and hearing about my kids’ day.

Q: Can you share some advice for someone looking to start a business?

A: Keep God first, don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen the way you expect right away. Keep your faith in your dream and continue to put in your hard work, as it will pay off. Pray because God listens. Plan because without a plan, there’s no reality. Balance and mental health are real take care of yourself. Because, without a sound mind, you can not run a productive business.

Connect with Ty

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