Delve Into Traz Powell’s Rich History with Nicanson Guerrier’s Documentary

MIAMI – Renowned emerging filmmaker, director, writer, and producer Nicanson Guerrier is set to make a significant impact on the world of cinema with his captivating documentary that delves into the rich history of Miami’s legendary “Traz” Powell Stadium. The film explores the stadium’s unique story as the high school home of numerous NFL players, earning it the nickname “The Mecca of High School Football.”

The screening will occur on Saturday, September 9, 2023, at 7 p.m. at the Historic Lyric Theater (819 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33136).To register for a free ticket visit:

Delve Into Traz Powell's Rich History with Nicanson Guerrier's Documentary

Tribute to Nathaniel “Traz” Powell

Guerrier’s documentary is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Nathaniel “Traz” Powell, a pivotal figure in the history of American football. 1947, Powell became the first African American to score a touchdown in the Orange Bowl, marking a historic achievement. He later became one of the most celebrated high school football coaches, clinching six state championships and amassing a remarkable record of 167-7-3. The legacy of Powell lives on through the iconic “Traz” Powell Stadium, which opened its gates in 1965 and was renamed in his honor in 1988.

“Traz” Powell Stadium

“Traz” Powell Stadium has played a pivotal role in the evolution of high school football and the development of exceptional football talent. Serving as the battleground for state championship-winning high school programs like Miami Northwestern, Carol City, Booker T. Washington, Central, and Norland, the stadium has hosted countless epic clashes that define the sport’s essence. It is a testament to the prowess of Miami-Dade County in producing top-tier football talent.

Delve Into Traz Powell's Rich History with Nicanson Guerrier's Documentary

Beyond its impact on the gridiron, “Traz” Powell Stadium has nurtured the spirit of community and culture. The stadium’s historically black high school marching bands have contributed to its unique atmosphere. At the same time, various human-interest stories—such as the 2017 Miami Northwestern dance team’s wardrobe controversy—have left their mark on its history. The stadium’s influence extends to groups like The Breakfast Klub, who embrace the challenge of conquering “The Stairs,” a legendary incline that epitomizes the stadium’s aura.

Recognizing its significance, Nike and the Miami Dolphins recently partnered to fund a $2 million-dollar stadium renovation. The upgrade includes a state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly turf field, and vibrant murals portraying legendary athletes who graced the stadium, ensuring that “Traz” Powell’s legacy endures for generations to come.

Delve Into Traz Powell's Rich History with Nicanson Guerrier's Documentary

Behind the Scenes

Nicanson Guerrier’s documentary goes beyond the surface, providing an exclusive glimpse into his creative process. The film highlights the pivotal individuals in bringing this narrative to life, capturing their voices and perspectives. Long-time announcer Willie Wilcox, vendors, and other employees who offer first-hand accounts of the stadium’s history reinforce the documentary’s authenticity.

Legacy in the Making

Guerrier’s journey as an emerging filmmaker mirrors the very essence of his documentary. His passion for storytelling and his dedication to capturing the essence of iconic places like “Traz” Powell Stadium make his work an inspiration for aspiring directors, filmmakers, cinema enthusiasts, and the general public alike.